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Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within


Sessions in this programme are based on the practice of Hatha yoga. Sequences have been designed for people living a sedentary lifestyle, and in each session, we go through a range of postures that help to stretch and energize your entire body.




Purposeful yoga postures activate the key muscles groups and joints from head to toe. These are muscles of our own body which we don’t normally use in our everyday life.


These sessions help stretch the spine, relieve stiffness, improve alignment, and de-stress the body, keeping it fit and healthy.



Naturopathic medicine is a health method that uses natural, non-toxic therapies that treat the whole person and encourages a self-healing process.


For cancer, naturopathic providers believe that cancers arise from an imbalance that causes a systemic breakdown within the body.

Yoga is for Everyone

Yoga offers different styles for different body types and needs. Older people can go for restorative or Yin Yoga. Middle-aged people can go for Hatha and Iyengar Yoga, There’s also prenatal and postnatal Yoga for expecting mothers and story-based Yoga sessions for kids


Yoga is Scientific

Yoga is a very well defined and documented domain. It is closely related to the body’s anatomy and function and is increasingly being researched by the foremost medical practitioners globally.


Its Convenient

You can do it easily from the comfort of your home, from a studio, or while traveling without any equipment


Flexible options

We offer all Yoga options to you based on your requirements. You can choose from online personal or group classes, classes at home, or in the studio.


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